【Let's take it easy//DAY59&60】

Hey Guyes!!How do you do?



I made dinner yesterday for the first time.

I think that this is the most simple dinner because i just baked..kkkk

I was seeking for part-time job recently, however no body called me!!

I was thinking about it.So, my resume might be somothing wrong...

I took resume to my main class teacher and was given sometihing to advice.

She said that that resume was good but  it had been written a few mistakes.

She introduced website which is written how to write resume for part-timejob to me.



By the way,

I studied "polite English".It is neccesary for part-timejob and interensihip at company.


For exmple,

Nice to meet you→Pleased to meet you too(Nice to meet you too.)

How are you?→How do you do?


I thought that there aren't any polite English .

But if I worked at an abroad company,i must speak polite English and It is very important to comunicate each other for business.


On the top of that,

We have to study  English grammar first..kkkk

It is the most important to speak English  fluently...kkkk


Let's take it easy!!!!!