【Love Korean foooood//DAY65&66】

have been to Korean restaurant for 3 times in Koreantown because I like spicy food.

When I said that I liked spicy food,most of people was very suprised.

Because they thoght that Japanese people don't like it.

But I love spicy foooooood!!


I went to famous korean restaurant yesterday.


I ate this food.

However I don't remember this name .kkk

After I ate this,I was very quickly recovered!!


After that,

I went to KARAOKE.

Because my friend likes singing songs!!


We had very very great time only 1 hour!!

But I didn't sing well.I enjoyed just singing!!


Today's icident made me that reminded my high school memories inJapan.

Because I often had been to Karaoke.


Next time,

I want to try to play bowling!!!!!