【What is the best way??//DAY75〜77】


I live in Toronto.


Canadian weather is changeable!
Because it was 25 degree last Friday but it's 13degree today.
Maybe ,there is not spring and falls.kkkk

By the way,
I'm thinking about part-time job


What is the best way to practice English at part-time job?




Ideally,I want to work at a cafe as a barista.
Because when I went to a cafe, most of cashiers friendly talked to me.
I love that and coffee!


On the other hand,
The cafeowners obviously hire person who can work at full-time job.
Because most of customers frequently go there in the morning or afternoon.



I'm looking for other jobs.


I got a part-time job as a dish washier.
Actually,I had got same position before.
They are different restaurants and almost workers are able to speak English at a current restaurant.


my friend had introduced this job to me and I'm working now.

I heard that some Japanese people work at Japanese restaurant as a server.
I had streotype about that.If I worked there,my English is awfully not improved.
But today,

I met Canadian person and discussed about this.
He said that you had better work at Japanese restaurant as a server because you often talk with English apeakers when you took oreders.

I am thinking about part-time job.....


On the top of that,

It is better to action than you think.