【I used gerund and infinitive as much as possible//DAY83~86】

I enjoyed spending the sunny long weekend.
I will introduce you my fun weekend!!

I went to POUTINE restaurant with classmates last Friday.
Because that day was last term day!

This is POUTINE which is canadian food.It was very delicious.

I chose to eat normal POUTINE because I don't know what taste is.
After I ordered POUTINE,I couldn't wait to eat it.So,I ate that immediately when a waiter took it to me.
I thought that it made me addicted because I couldn't help eating that when I began to eat.

I overslept until afternoon last Saturday. Because I had drunk a lot before the day.Then,I had might be tipsy.
I tended to talk to a roommate who is also from Japan in my house.
But I thought it was not good for me. Therefore, I felt like speaking English.

I invited my friend to a bar.
After we got together,we went to bar and had extremely great time.

I was planning to join cherry blossom picnic at High Park.
(Cherry blossom is called SAKURA in Japanese.)

I couldn't find that group when I arrived there. I gave up finding them.On the other hand some Canadian happened to talk to me.
And I was able to join picnic!!

He said that cherry blossoms seemed to already fall.
But I didn't hesitate to talk with new people in English and I tried to talk to new people except Japanese.
As a result,
I could profoundly practice English that it was absolutely effective for me.

On the top of that,
If you improved your speaking English,you would rather go out and join some events than stay at your house.

Thank you for reading my journal about my Toronto life.
Good night!!