『Have passed 3months....DAY92〜97』

I'm Yossi!!

You know what I have passed 3months since I came here!
I thought that my mind is changeable because I can sometimes have homesick!
However I would rather speak English with people form another country.
This month,my mind is very good!
I'm getting used to having confident because my English skills are being improved...I think...jaja

I frequently enjoy talking about difference of country culture and love something like that.Because I can feel culture shock!
That isn't bad thing.It made me inspired.

In conclusion,
I have always great time in Canada and made new friends!!
This encounter will be helped my future life.

I would like to tell my university student about English.I mean it isn't about grammar...jaja
Most of university student are interested in English due to their future to come true.
So,they want to try to practice their English.But there aren't any exchange students from native English country.
So,they aren't able to practice English.

But I think it is most important things to make reason.I mean that you just practice English to improve their English without reason.
In my opinion,it is too boring.
Because they firstly ask you "Why do u want to practice English?"
I was often asked this question.jajaja
If you have reason,you can talk with them about your dream and reason something like that interesting story!!

You should consider why you need to study English.
Whatever your reason is.

In my case,
If I spoke English fluently,I would help people from another country and introduce them to Japan where my favorite places are.

And I like English pronunciation!
Because I used to watch English movies!!
I love that.And I hoped to desire to stay abroad for a long time while I'm an university student.
So,I came here!!!