Hello!!Long time no see!!
I apologize that I didn't write blog...

I'm actually busy but it isn't reason.
I was thinking about future in Toronto.

I mean what I can do in Toronto.
Because I can't permanently stay there.

I was thinking about that.

I can study at ILAC only 2months...
I can work in Canada only 7months....
I can stay in Canada as well...

What is the most interesting job for me?

I'd like to work at cafe in Canada.

Where are u working now?

I'm working at Mexican restaurant as a dish washer....

Is it the best way to work at cafe?

I don't think so because I can't talk to costumer and I also can't use cashier...

Why did you start to work at Mexican restaurant as a dish washer?

Because...when I dropped resume to cafe to work there,I don't have time to play with my friends and to study at library.
Then I also don't have money to alive in Toronto.

So I started to work at Mexican restaurant.I didn't want to work in Japanese environment because I had to speak Japanese.

I have passed almost 1months since I worked at Mexican restaurant as a dishwasher.
I can work there easily because that job is incredibly easy for me.

The advantage is that I'm able to practice English with Canadian colleagues.And that job is very simple that I have to just wash dishes.So I don't need to have responsibility.

The disadvantage is that I'm not able to talk to customer and stranger people.
If I worked as a server,I have to take orders.So my speaking and listening skills are automatically improved.

On the top of that,
I will begin to look for another part-time job.However I mean that I will not quit my current job.
Just look for another job.....