【Happy incident:/DAY109〜119 】

Hello!!!!You know that I'm Yossi!!!!!!

I arrived at home now!!😝


I talked a lot in English!!!!!!!


I taught new worker to how to work at restaurant.
I was very surprised that he has been here for 4 years...kkkkk
I have just 4 months...kkkk
Moreover he can speak English more than me!!kkk

However,I could explan him about dish washer in English!!!kkk
After that,
I had a little confidence in my English!

In addition,
I had a happy incident that we had pizza party after we finished closing the restaurant.
Then,my colleagues said that you could speak English more than another dishwasher.

They made me optimistic!!

Because I thought that my English skills are terrible.

So,I used to be pessimistic person.

By the way,
My current job is very effective to speak English.
On the other hand,if you're busy at restaurant,you can't talk to colleagues.Just wash dishes!!!kkk

That is a little problem for me.
Because it will be getting crazy...kkkk

I'm looking for new job!!
I wanna work at TIMHORTON💃💃💃