I'm looking for new part-time job!!


I talked to barista at second cup.

He said that Japanese person works at this cafe but her listening skill is not good.

In addition,

"You should come here morning and then,pass resume to a manager!!"
"I had applied for cafe for 50times so you can do it!!"he said.
He is from South Korea.

But now I can't go to cafe at the morning because of school.
Moreover,I began to think about PM class in order to work at cafe in the morning....
However,if I changed that,I can't take elective class and power English class and I also have to buy new book because my teacher said that business PM class is only one class....

I will graduate in August 12th.

After,I'm going to look for cafe job.
But then,my working visa is only 6months.

I have ever heard that if working visa expired 6months,it will be difficult to find new job.
Because 6months is too short for managers.
As a result,
I consider about this problem.....