【Second Cup-English-/Day133-139】

I began to work at second cup!!!
That is a local cafe in Canada!!!

You know that I wanted to work that cafe when I arrived in Canada.
Because I like cafe atmosphere and I have seen that barista talked to customer friendly in Second cup.

That's why I wanted to work there.

But it is too difficult for me..
Because I have never worked at customer service in Canada and I have never made coffee in my life as well!!

When I worked at cafe for the first time,I was confused cuz I couldn't do anything!!!

However,now I'm getting used to working there!!

If u wanna see me,please come to second cup near ILAC!!kkk

I'm waiting for you!!kkk

To be honest,
I'm always afraid of going to part time job because I can't understand English well.

But my manager admitted me to work there.
This mean that although my English skill is not good,I can work there.

it is said to me that you're very brave person!!

Actually,I'm not brave person.
I'm lazy,shy...

On the other hand,

I want to be a brave person so that I'm working at local cafe and came to Canada!!

I can improve me by my self!!
I wanna say to you
"Don't give up!!You can do eveything!
I promise you!I cheer you!"