【Just do it at Second Cup /DAY140〜147】

I finished working now...kkk
You know what I was working all weekends!!
On Friday,Saturday and Sunday as well!!

Customers say "If you're training,please do not make my coffee."
It makes me sad...

However, I think that I look like training person.
That is problem because if I had confidence,it couldn't be happen.

I'm getting used to working.
I have been working at second cup for 7days..

Today,some colleague said that you should have made coffee quickly cuz if you worked with manager,you could make her angry easily.

That's why she said "you have possible to be fired soon... "

So Im not sure that I will might be fired ...

On the other hand,
That is not reason for working lazily.

Just do it!
Impossible is nothing!!!!

I would like to drink alcohol because I didn't have time to drink that...kkkk

See u!!Good night!!!