【Japanese town in Toronto/DAY209】



I would like to tell great news for fan of Japan!!



I went to J-town(Japanese town)in Toronto!!

I have ever heard that for many times but I have never been there so I was excited about that.


Actually,it's not town ...kkk
Just small shopping store👍🏻


But that atmosphere is absolutely Japan because I've seen Japanese food ,drink ,billboard and Japanese people.

In addition,
I have heard Japanese language.


You know it's obviously Japanese community.

I don't know how I can tell this fascination .kkk

I didn't like to talk to Japanese in Japanese so far.
Because you know I'm here ,I'm in Toronto!!


I really had Japan sick .
I was planing to go back to Japan only 1 time in summer.

But I immediately gave up because It's extremely expensive.

That's why I wanna recommend to those people.


for Japanese .

I know how you feel at abroad.
Sometimes you wanna feel like to go back to Japan.

In that case,you had better visit there because you must feel like relax and reduce your all stress sincerely.


for people from different country.

You must get there If you really wanna go to Japan.I think that town is the smallest in Toronto.So don't expect to be better.
Though you must feel like as if you have been to Japan.

In the top of that,


How to get there?

You can take a bus from Finch station.

Get into "53B"bus and
Get off "3160 Steeles street".


That's it!!


【You don't need to buy airplane ticket.
But You can feel Japan in Canada.】


This is the most important message from me😆



Let me know if you wanna go there!!
I wanna introduce about Japan !


I bought general Japanese lunch!!