【How I feel when I work at restaurant as a dishwasher/DAY 232】


Im goimg to talk about dishwasher.
Have you thought about dishwasher?


Actually, I have been worked at Mexican restaurant as a dishwasher for 4months.

While Im working there, I dont use my brain so im always thinking about other things.

Today, I was thinking about "Dishwasher".

This job is just clean dishes.
Its extremly simple but sometimes it is very busy and hard.
I think that most of dishwasher can not speak English well .
However, they obviously want to speak English.
Include me.

Although they have to clean dishes so it must be difficult to speak English.
And unfortunately, some people treat them as a robot.
For example, when they passed dishes to a dishwasher, they dont care about them and they make noise .
When its busy, you might not be able to care about them but you can say "Thank you!" to them.
They will be glad to hear your aprreciation.
It takes just a second, right?

When I feel happy when i work at restaurant as a dishwasher.

when I was talked to coworker in English.
When I worked there for the first time, I was always afraid of speaking English cuz I thought that my English is too bad.

when I was said "Thank you" by coworkers.
It makes me happy.
Because you know that job is too simple so it gonna makes me crazy.

On the top of that,
dishwasher can see real humaniry .
I mean that when wokers passed some dishes to them , that attitude is real humanity.
Consequently, if your favorite person is working at resrtaurant, you should ask to their dishwasher " Is he or she really a good person?".

if you want to be a shef, you had better care about dishwashers.
They are absolutely nessesary for you.

Take it easy!!


I love my restaurant cuz my coworkers are very kind that's why I can continue to work there!!

To be honest,
I love to clean so I don't hate to work this job!!