【LIFE is NOT easy】



After I finished working at current second cup, I visited my first Second Cup.


I met my first manager of Second Cup.
But she didn't look happy.
Honestly,she looked like as if she was wondering about why you came here.
But she didn't ask to me anything.

I know she had just fired me but you know this is not Asian country.

That incident was already passed !!
Past of story.

This is Canada,I thought no body cares about that include me.
But she cared about that.

And I wanna advice to people who wanna work at cafe with fantastic coworkers.

I think it is quite difficult to find that working place.
But if you don't give up working wherever ,you will must find!!
Because I have worked at previous Second Cup for 2months.
However,most of that coworkers weren't friendly sincerely.Their behavior looked like as if they didn't want to be talked to me.So I didn't have a great time there.
And when I worked there,every time I was afraid of working there cuz you know I just worked there without funny conversations.
I was getting to dislike to work at cafe.

In addition,
my previous best coworkers already moved to new Second Cup .
They also didn't like that place.

I didn't give up working there,though.
I had heard that I might have fired by manager for several times then.

As a result,
I was fired there.jajaja

Although I'm working at Second Cup with fantastic coworkers now.
When I work at current place,every time I'm very exciting cuz my coworkers are awesome.
They are talkative and easygoing.
They always make me happy.
I love them so much!!!
I'm very very glad to meet my coworkers!!!

To be honest,
I don't wanna leave from my working place in Toronto.

I really love them so so much...😭


She is also one of the best coworkers I have ever met at Second cup.

But temporarily she will go back to Brazil.