【Happy Canada Day!!/DAY121-125】

Sometimes I think that I want to go back my country.

However,now I like Canadian people and culture as well!!
I have passed 4months since I came here!!
『Q.Why did you come here?』

『A.When I was Japan,I don't know what is the true or false.Because I know only Japanese knowledge and general!!
I wanted know about different country general and culture and also make friends!!』

『Q.Why do u have working visa?』
『A.First,I wanted to be an independent from parents because they paid me all of them!For example,my university and ILAC..all!! Now,I'm 19years old.I'm an adult! My father is almost 60years old.I want to make him relaxing!!And My dream is working abroad!!But I'm not sure my dream..I think I want to work just abroad!!I want to speak English while I'm working.I'd like to work at coffee shop!!I have never give up!!!!!!!!!
I don't want to work at Japanese environment!!I can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!』

Good night🍁🇨🇦💃💃💃