【Second Cup Life〜DAY198〜】

Hello!How's it going??


I would like to talk to my second cup's life!!


Let's begin!!


I'm working at Second cup as a barista.


(This picture is the evidence of working at Second cup!!)



I'm working as a barista so you know that I have to do everything .


For example ,I have to take an order and make coffee.


In order to do that,
What should I do?


I must remember name of food(cookies,muffins,cakes) and how to make all coffee.


I have been worked at second cup for a month.It means that my training was already finished.


It means that I must do everything without helping.



I couldn't do all of that but I can do some of that.


But I made my manager disappointed because of that.


So I'm still training to do that.


To be honest,

I thought that I wanna strongly go back to Japan.


Because you must guess that I'm always nervous when I work at Second cup.


The factor is first I don't have confidence to work there because I don't memorize the recipe and name of food.


Though I was really trying to do that ,I couldn't .

That's why

I asked to my colleagues


"How did you memorize that?"


They said


"It's impossible to memorize that without experience!!Just do it !!"


So although I thought  that I need to work more hours ,my manager didn't  give me that because I'm very slow when I make coffee.


That's why I'm worried about that.


But today,

I'm working at another second cup.

And I met new people and had great time.

I'm very glad to meet them and work with them.


I'm considering the reason about I work there.





I finally got it.



Not to improve my English.



To meet new people and make best friends trough working together!!



I didn't notice that before because I paid attention not to make mistakes.


I could see new world !!😊


I think that if I work more time and make experiences, I will be able to definitely see more amazing world.


I don't know how I can tell you more clearly ...


So now,

I don't wanna go back to Japan !!Absolutely!  

I wanna work more and more!!😆



Thank you for accepting me at Second Cup.


I really appreciate to everyone include you!!


Thank you for reading so far!!!