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# International Language Academy of Canada




I graduated at ILac today.
I have studied there for almost 6months.
I will must miss taking a class there and meeting my friends because I started to commute since end of the February.

When I came to ILac for the first time,
I was very surprised about their facilities and diversity classmates.
Everything is new for me.

In addition,
I was always worried about class. Because I couldn't understand teacher's English and classmates 'English as well.

However, it had been getting better.

Most people think that English school is to study English.

Its not false but my teacher also said that you could study difference culture(how to adapt with people from another country )and be able to listen life of other human if you go there.

I studied everything at ILac even how to order coffee at TimHouton.kkk

I can't recommend studying at ILac because I exactly don't know the difference between other language schools and there.
And I know kind of not good teachers.

On the top of that,
all thing is up to you, depend on you.

You can change class anytime
You can change course anytime
You can review at library anytime

I think that language school just prepared to you understand easily.
If you don't review and don't do homework,

You don't need to go to ILac because that school is extremely expensive to you.

ILAC is place where provided various of foreigner and best teacher.


Thank you for accepting me at ILAC !!


(Don't forget my name and my city "Nagoya")