【One of my best coworkers at Second Cup*DAY246】

I wanna talk about fascination of one of the best my coworkers at Second Cup.

Her name is Katie .She is from Canada.
I have worked with her for 2times.

She is such a good person cuz her behavior is unbelievably marvelous.
It is easy to explain one of that to tell you .

After she finished working ,she always pays for her coffee.
While we are working at Second Cup,we can drink free coffee whenever .
So most of workers don't pay that cuz they are working.

She is especially different though.
When she gets bored,she goes to second cup to eat and drink something .

Then,she absolutely pays for that.
You can imagine that if you work there ,you can drink and eat something for free.

Actually,it's not good for store but everybody do that in Canada except her.

She said "I have never cheated someone ,I have never stolen something,I have never done something wrong things."


I don't know how can I explain to you more clearly .You had better come to Canada to see her though.This is the easiest way to convince you!!kkk


Anyway,today is Halloween in Canada .
When she showed up in front of me,she wore an angel costume. 

As you know ,she is sincerely angel.
I mean she looks like human but she is an angel!!

She is sooo goood!!

I found an awesome coworker again!!

I love them so much!!!!